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First time we went to a yoga class, we probably fall in love with the poses and with we magic created by our teacher trough movement and voice used as an istrument to emabrace, enfold, enraputure us.

To keep students engaged during lessons, there’s one great tool that can be very powerful in sparking your students’ interest, your voice!

As teachers we all know that our voice is a teacher’s most valuable asset. We rely on our voices to a great extent, and with it we transmit not only information, but also mood, atmosphere and emotions. Moreover, how we speak and what our voice sounds like have a crucial impact on classes.

Infact, vocal tone can have a huge impact on your teaching and relationships with students. Our lesson content or messages may be excellent and well prepared, but we need to know how to mind/body connect through voice with your audience.

Some voices can be thin or monotonous, others sharp and shrill; but yoga is eveness, calmness and power, so that is what we need to create through our voice.

Good voice is not enough in itself. Once it has been achieved, we move into the area of voice delivery, to explore how to make the voice sound more expressive.

Here some of these helpful tips:

  1. Inflection and passion

Your Energy and passion about your subject should be reflected in the sound of your voice!

  1. Slow down

While verbally communicating information, it’s important to be clear and concise. Even though you may have a great deal of material to cover, don’t let your words jumble together! You don’t want to lose students if you’re speaking too quickly. Slow down and be sure to pause for emphasis on different points. Pauses are great to let the students absorb your message and make it emotional valid.

  1. Volume

Use different levels of volume to emphasize various activities.

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him to find it within himself (Galileo Galilei)


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