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The Odaka Yoga® Prenatal Training Course is a Masters level course which prepares students to handle the pregnancy and child birthing experience with serenity and professionalism. Odaka collaborates with private clinics such as the Mater Dei Private Clinic and the Paideia Private Clinic in Rome in helping prepare women for child birth. This experience with the clinics and also having worked on an international level in the pregnancy and yoga field was born the Professional Odaka Yoga Prenatal Teacher. Simple, efficient and professional, the course is for anyone wishing to teach yoga to women preparing to give birth, also for those wishing to deepen their knowledge in this fascinating experience.

 Milan at Spera Yoga, Via Spontini 8

April 21 & 22  2018

May 05 & 06  2018

 Additional Internship and Trimester sequencing labs hours

*Odaka Yoga is a Trademark Yoga Training  certified by  and Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance and affiliated by  the CSEN



The class structure is divided into 2 modules on different days and allows future teachers to easily grasp the concepts and necessary tools to serenely and professionally handle the different subject matters regarding pregnant women on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Course Content

What you will learn:

The focus in a prenatal yoga class changes from traditional yoga class. In prenatal yoga the focus is to prepare the body and mind for labor, birth and motherhood. Releasing tension, maintaining good posture, learning to realx on command and a conscious use of the pelvic floor muscles.
The anatomical, physiological and psychological considerations of childbearing.
Which yoga postures are especially helpful during pregnancy and how to adapt them as necessary.
Asanas for common ailments during pregnancy.
Professional, responsible and appropriate support to pregnant and postpartum women.
Teaching material and practical application on how to build a Prenatal class and how to adapt it as necessary
Theoretical and practical applications for body awareness and alignment: contraindicated/indicated poses for the three trimesters
Asanas for common back problems and ailments during pregnancy
Specific breathing yoga techniques for pregnancy
Relaxation and stress managment
How to connect with the baby through meditation and relaxation
Yoga poses and practice to prepare for birth and stage labor
Contraindicated/indicated poses for post natal period
Anatomy and physiology of the female pelvic floor with a panoramica explanation of all phases of a woman’s life: puberty, preparation for childbirth, postpartum and menopause
Building a Prenatal yoga class – timetabling and sequencing


Reggio Emilia, Italy
5 | 8 Dic 2015

If you would like more information about the content of this program before registering for the course please email or call Odaka Yoga at +39068074666 or cell +393478733047.


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If you would like more information about the content of this program before registering for the course please contact us.

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