Hawaii Awareness Yoga festival and retreat in collaboration with Akira Sensei

Hawaii and yoga, a perfect combination, not to be missed :-) この度、綿本彰先生とOdaka Yoga®︎のハワイリトリート開催が決定いたしました! Odaka Yoga®︎のリトリートをハワイで開催したいと願い続け ようやく辿り着いた念願のハワイリトリートです! 皆さまのご参加、心よりお待ちしています。 お申し込みは綿本ヨーガスタジオ公式ページよりお願いいたします。 なお、お申し込み開始は2月13日(月曜)午後5時からとなっております。 _______________________ 日時 2017年5月15日(月)~17日(水) 3日間場所 Yoga Awareness Hawaii (その後はビーチ、または芝生などでクラスを行う予定です) 費用 35,000円(税込 / お一人様) ※料金は3日間の受講費用の他、初日の軽い昼食(手作りマクロビオティック・ランチ) 最終日の軽い夕食(ビーチでのケータリング料理)が含まれています ※宿泊、フライトに関するご相談は【ファーストワイズのページ】をご覧ください ※2017年5月12日(金)~14日(日)の3日間、ヨガフェスタ・ハワイが開催されます。 詳細は【こちらのページ】からご確認ください

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To enjoy your yoga practice, Asana should be a tool not a goal

Because the mind is stained and stopped by goals, we are warned against letting this happens, and urged to seek after it and to return it to ourselves, into here and now. The mind that becomes fixed and stops in one place does not function freely. In that moment you start to push your limits. [...]

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The Best Goal Is No Goal

Having no goal is necessary; it's absolutely liberating. When you have a goal with expectations you often find yourself living in the future. That doesn’t mean you don’t put forth any effort to make things great, you do. You're just not attached to the outcome. Having no goals allows for you to experience life and [...]

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As a fluid warrior, embrace the moment and find the beauty into it

The present moment is truly the only thing we have. Too often we are taken out of the present moment. Begin to value life in every moment finding the beauty into the present rather than always waiting for the end results. […]

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Japan Yoga Tour 2016

Here we are, joining again the amazing Japan and our beloved odaka yoga community do not miss any appointment and book you mat looking forward to see you soon   +Sept, 15th @YMC +Sept, 16th @Central Sports Center +Sept, 17th @Yokohama Yoga Fest   +Sept, 21-23 @Bandai TT (

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As an Urban Warrior, transform concentration into attention

A concentrated mind is not attentive. An attentive mind can concentrate. A warrior’s ability on the battlefield is that to confront and flow with the rhythm of surrounding things, people and events and to develop the ability to reveal one’s needs without losing the interaction with the outside world and, at the same time, maintaining [...]

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Kickstart a Healthier Life with a Detox Retreat

All humans and animals alike detox on a regular basis. It is the natural daily cycle in which our body eliminates the toxins from the food we consume, and the unhealthy atmosphere we’re immersed in. Liver, kidneys, lungs, bowel and skin; they all work together to provide us with an excellent system to get rid [...]

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Grounding and grace masterclass @ yogaessential Milan

Made in Italy in the world ! Two international masters but very Italian ones and a very Italian and international project joined energy to create a collaboration. 3 masterclasses with Roberto Milletti and Francesca Cassia at Garibaldi77 and in collaboration with JustB ! Yoga & Pilates Studio Information and Registration

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