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Waves pattern of motion: the ground of dynamic stillness

Odaka Yoga is an approach that touches many levels of our experience and at the same time is firmly grounded in the anatomy of the body. By the Waves Motion, in OdakaYoga we create space in each joints and entering poses with easiness. Each wave expresses a specific pattern of motion. The motion initially arises [...]

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Intensive Teacher Training on the shore of the stunning Greek sea

Join us for an inspiring Yoga Teacher Training on the shore of the stunning Greek sea 200 Teacher Training | 300 Module Odaka Yoga Advanced Module 23 July - 6 August 2017  Kalymnos Accredited by Yoga alliance, CSEN CONI, Yoga Alliance International Deepen your practice, explore your potentialities and expand your consciousness while you become a [...]

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Inspiring Teachers

One of the most important thing in teaching is the interaction with students. Don’t get stuck and do not be limited by what you think you ‘should’ teach. Often we are too focused on communicating information about a pose instead of communicating with the students. Listen to the student rather than just telling them what [...]

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International Yoga Festivak Rishikesh INDIA 2017

Yogacharyas, teachers, students and seekers come from every corner of the globe to participate in this program. This year there are more than 70 presenters, from 20 countries, giving nearly 150 classes, from 4:00 am until 9:30 pm. The International Yoga Festival explores the eight limbs of Yoga and how they apply to our lives [...]

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The Ultimate Warrior teacher training @ Izmir Turkey

"ULTIMATE WARRIOR" 50 hrs Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training - part of Izmir Yoga's RYS 300 Programme with Roberto Milletti and Fancesca Cassia of ODAKA YOGA, Italy (Training is in English with Turkish Translation) ROBERTO MiLLETTi ve FRANCESCA CASSiA ile RYS 300 İLERİ SEVİYE YOGA HOCALIK EĞİTİMİ dahilinde 50 saatlik ULTIMATE WARRIOR "Nihai SavaşçI” EĞİTİMİ _________________________________________________

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The Ultimate Warrior, 300RYT @Spera Yoga Milan

The Ultimate Warrior’s system is based on three pillars: self defense techniques, functional movement and traditional yoga postures. Once learned, “TUW” permits you to recharge and renew your body and mind, increase your life force, self-confidence and personal power in a very short period of time. This system seeks mastery in living through a refined [...]

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Japan Yoga Tour 2016

Here we are, joining again the amazing Japan and our beloved odaka yoga community do not miss any appointment and book you mat looking forward to see you soon   +Sept, 15th @YMC +Sept, 16th @Central Sports Center +Sept, 17th @Yokohama Yoga Fest   +Sept, 21-23 @Bandai TT (

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