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A quiet mind of a contemporary warrior | Vol 1

Over thinking and over analysing separates the mind from the body. There is a beautiful concept in the Yoga Sutras, Parinamavada, the understanding that constant change is an inherent part of the cause and effect nature of life. To step into Parinamavada we use the concept of moving from the centre (tanden), expressing circular movements. [...]

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Trust your intuition

Trust your intuition it never lies! As a culture, we have learned to believe that rationality is what should prevail when making decisions. But what of that "inner voice", that gut feeling, that little something instinctual from within that tell us how we feel beneath those layers of logic? How To Listen, Trust and Follow [...]

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Rise as one: The global yoga community by connecting people to projects that serve humanity

As a proud ambassador for Rise as One I would like you to meet (my friend, peer… etc)  Mark Breadner, a modern yogi who is committed to unifying the global yoga community by connecting people to projects that serve humanity. Mark founded Rise as One, a social enterprise dedicated to helping vulnerable members of society [...]

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Move through life effortlessly with the fluidity of Odaka yoga

The ocean is a powerful, beautiful, intoxicating force of nature. Its vastness presents mystery, challenge, and immense wonder to the observer. There is something about this huge body of water that appeals to each of us on a primal level. Perhaps it’s not that surprising. Our bodies are heavily water-based; drinking water is a fundamental [...]

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ODAKA KIDS TT 2017 | Milan

ODAKA KIDS TT 2017 is a comprehensive, intensive and experience based Yoga Alliace certified course. NOVEMBER 25-26, 2017 20-21 JANUARY 2018 Saturday and Sunday Intensive - 2 Weekends At SPERA YOGA Via Spontini 8 Milan. The course is a healthy, non-competitive and fun sharing initiative to bring yoga experience into the children growth and knowledge activities. [...]

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Zen Warrior | the Mental Strength

Zen Warrior | the Mental Strength The Mental Strength of a Zen Warrior is the ability to overcome and control mental resistance, negative thoughts and emotions to consciously cause things to happen. Your mind, when uncluttered and relaxed, is a very powerful force. However, to keep it uncluttered and relaxed, you must relinquish the concepts [...]

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Thailand Yoga, Art & Dance 2017 | Krabi 6-10 Oct

Yoga Journal presents Thailand Yoga, Art & Dance 2017 | Krabi 6-10 Oct  On the bank of the amazing Krabi beach, a yoga, art and dance happening will rise and shine, with international yoga teachers and famous singers and artists Do not miss this opportunity and join Francesca and Roberto to live and share the magic [...]

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