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ODAKA KIDS TT 2017 | Milan

ODAKA KIDS TT 2017 is a comprehensive, intensive and experience based Yoga Alliace certified course. NOVEMBER 25-26, 2017 20-21 JANUARY 2018 Saturday and Sunday Intensive - 2 Weekends At SPERA YOGA Via Spontini 8 Milan. The course is a healthy, non-competitive and fun sharing initiative to bring yoga experience into the children growth and knowledge activities. [...]

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Zen Warrior | the Mental Strength

Zen Warrior | the Mental Strength The Mental Strength of a Zen Warrior is the ability to overcome and control mental resistance, negative thoughts and emotions to consciously cause things to happen. Your mind, when uncluttered and relaxed, is a very powerful force. However, to keep it uncluttered and relaxed, you must relinquish the concepts [...]

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