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The Ultimate Warrior teacher training @ Izmir Turkey

"ULTIMATE WARRIOR" 50 hrs Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training - part of Izmir Yoga's RYS 300 Programme with Roberto Milletti and Fancesca Cassia of ODAKA YOGA, Italy (Training is in English with Turkish Translation) ROBERTO MiLLETTi ve FRANCESCA CASSiA ile RYS 300 İLERİ SEVİYE YOGA HOCALIK EĞİTİMİ dahilinde 50 saatlik ULTIMATE WARRIOR "Nihai SavaşçI” EĞİTİMİ _________________________________________________

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As a fluid warrior, embrace the moment and find the beauty into it

The present moment is truly the only thing we have. Too often we are taken out of the present moment. Begin to value life in every moment finding the beauty into the present rather than always waiting for the end results. […]

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Do not get stuck on a goal is the way to Freedom

When you don’t have goals, you remain peaceful and powerful regardless of the results and you are free to enjoy everything for exactly what it is. And you can accept yourselves just as you are, too. The Urban Warrior mind is the mind that does not remain in one goal. It is the mind that [...]

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